Mid-Cities Association Programs

The community programs of Mid-Cities Association assist the person receiving services in obtaining access to the resources and servies of their choice. The consumers receiving servies are included in their communities to the degree they desire. This is attainable by direct service provisions or linkage to existing opportunities and natural supports in the community.


  • The purpose of the Adult Developmental Program is to encourage, assist, and support maximum personal development in consumers ages 18-70. The function of the program is consistent with the overriding goal of Mid-Cities Association of Retarded Cities, Inc. to “promote the general welfare of the mentally retarded and other developmentally disabled persons”.

  • Mid-Cities Association Community Integrated Behavior Management Training Program is designed to benefit highly functioning citizens with developmental disabilities. All clients are referred to our community-based program by various Southern California Regional Centers. Individuals must be at least 18 years of age and have a developmental disability. Mid-Cities Association is a non-profit affiliate of the National Arc; through this program we focus on preparing clients for entry into competitive employment and independent living. With the proper training these participants may later advance to a less structured community environment such as Supported Employment and/or individual placement. Participants are encouraged at a number of levels to acquire the necessary skill training aimed at reinforcing proper work behavior and attitudes, good attendance, as well as improved speed, accuracy, and performance. It offers individuals especially those who have been or are at risk of being judicially involved, a solid chance to succeed in the mainstream workforce.

  • The objective of the Personal and Social Adjustment Service offered by Mid-Cities Association is to develop and maintain functional skills in individuals with disabilities so they may enhance their employability and job maintenance skills, and achieve their highest levels of employment and integration into the community.

  • The clients enrolled in the program are at the lowest level of functioning and are in desperate need of programs designed to teach very basic skills in the area of self help, behavior management, pre-communications, social/peer interaction and relationship, cognitive development and sensory motor training.

  • The Association for Retarded Citizens Mid-Cities (Mid-Cities Association), Supported Employment Program provides the consumers who are: a) eager to learn, b) willing to work hard, and, c) reliable with a work opportunity, employment in a competitive industry. It is a chance to earn increased pay and to gain new skills. Consequently, the consumers increase their marketability and social independence.

  • The primary goal of Mid-Cities Association Work Activity Program is to prepare each individual to become a valuable contributor in today’s work force. Participants are encouraged at a number of levels to acquire the necessary skill-training aimed at reinforcing proper work behavior, attitudes, good attendance, extended attention spans, improved speed, accuracy, and performance. Consumers are provided with a “paid work” setting in which they receive pay for work performed during this phase of training.

  • External Situational Assessment (ESA): Are time-limited Vocational Rehabilitation funded services that are normally provided to consumers that are enrolled in the Vocational Rehabilitation funded VR/WAP program. The services are designed to assess the consumer’s level of functioning in a community setting using a variety of work settings to identify any barriers to employment and to recommend any accommodations, supports, or services that will enhance the clients feasibility for supported employment placement, either individual or group.

  • Since 1975, Mid-Cities Association Transportation Services has transported not only consumers to the program sites but also other consumers who are attending other programs in the neighboring areas. In an attempt to make things easier for the care providers and parents, our transportation program makes every effort to cater to their schedules. Drivers assist consumers who have mobility or behavioral problems.

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