Mid-Cities Association's Mission Statement

To increase the consumer's level of interaction and participation in society as productive members.

To provide gainful work experience and related vocational skills for persons with developmental disabilities. To enhance performance accountability, productivity and participation of the consumers served.

To serve as a transition for those who late can advance to a less structured community environment such as individual placement or competitive employment.


The basic philosophy of Mid-Cities Association is to facilitate the rehabilitation of persons with disabilities in cooperation with stakeholders. No exclusions are made from program participation on the basis of race, national origin, sex or age.

The service expected outcome will be that individuals who have barriers to employment, i.e. emotional, personal or social will be given the opportunities to develop and maintain functional skills and to be included in an employment situation of their choice.


Arc Mid-Cities is expanding its fleet with clean vehicles which increase comfort and decrease commute times. In the process, we also lower our carbon footprint and substantially save on fuel, which benefits all of our state-holders in the long-run.